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hollister sale Destruction and salvation folk fable

- Reading Linghu Yuwen short story " tree god"

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How to deal with the relationship between man and nature , between man and society, is a major issue to be solved urbanization and industrialization process in our country is facing at present. Under this background, on the one hand , hollister sale driven by investment in rural areas throughout the rapid growth of GDP of material living conditions have changed ; on the other hand , pollution and the deterioration of the social environment is increasingly worrying. This situation brings the spirit and pains in the form of art and literature is bound to reflect the voice of social justice and clamor . The short story " tree of God " is a classic in this regard and gratifying text.

The novel is the story of a traditional folk fable aid to build : the Yao village has a town tree trees hundreds of years old drug that can cure cured disaster for the people , and in the hearts of the people of a totem and worship the gods were guarded . However, because of a chemical plant accidents consecutive times at the local boss to feng shui tree to be felled by obstacles . Thus, in support of the county , the town government, in place after the acquisition tourism development project for the boss hollister sale , the boss to open up about the joint means of bribery after the tree was felled in the eve , factory owners suddenly died of a sudden illness . Thus, the son of the boss and the boss 's wife insisted cautious game, eventually , the tree sacred tree to be preserved intact .

Tree of God , from the general sense of the imagery perspective, it may give the local people's lives and health of some impact and some sort of well-being ; however , its spiritual significance and soothe the soul is far greater than the material aspects of the benefits of and expand the magical efficacy . I think that the author around the " tree of God ," the unfolding story of the construction and interpretation of the plot , in fact , is a kind of publicity in the show or not profane the gods and bullying gas field, is about the destruction of a life and soul salvation folk fable in ( prose reading : www.sanwen.net)

Natural, social and individual life in a harmonious system reveals the kind of experience and knowledge .

Create an atmosphere tense confrontation challenging living environment , intense conflicts that aspect is one of the artistic features of the novel. At the beginning of the novel took place before the reader focus of conflicts : Arrogance felling team , equipped with all the modern tools ; while the people of God gathered in hollister sale the village on Yao tree, try and stop this obstruction ecological disaster. Thus, in flashback , flashback narrative literature , several contradictory clues in order to start the cross : the contradiction between the factory owners balanced economic loss and accidents , environmental pollution factory contradiction against people living with the crisis between the felling of God lobbying initiatives conflicts of interest between the agent and the top of the tree fairy , causal contradictions PR trick to get carried away with the boss died of a sudden illness retribution between predicted conflicts feng shui master after felling two different ideas , as well as the families of cutting internal boss tree generated by different meaning contradictions . These contradictions are a way to focus the spread of nuclear fusion . At its core, the interests of the division , accounting and security , adhere to the confrontation. This structural arrangement of dramatic conflict , is an artistic expression of the social life of truth , a plot of the novel is also a tradition to build an effective succession . It is characterized , can well to the tension and suspense logic power to attract the reader's eye , tempt the appetite of readers , so as to achieve to see it dripping effect.

Characters distinctive plump , strange complexity of human nature , fuzzy evolution of personality, is the art of the novel characteristics of the two . The main character of the novel, the factory owners and local people groups ; while people in the main character , is a top- cents silkworm Mother and group leader orientation. These figures, in all fairness, who is difficult to put the bad guys , who are good label ; Which character in the praise like , what the character of the criticism , it seems difficult to make strict judgment . From the boss , he is pursuing the maximization of economic benefits is also good , in order to remove barriers to the production and operation of unscrupulous understandable. But he was wrong in order to harm their own interests , assault, looting and erode the interests of the people , this is the logic of a robber . He 's selfish , is built at hollister sale the expense of the interests of the vast majority of people on the basis of , damage to the environment is a prerequisite for the survival of mankind . Thus , the behavior of the boss was karma curse into a quagmire , is not surprising. It can be said , the boss of the outcome , not a summary of his life , but for him here and felling an inevitable retribution of this behavior . In addition, the top cents silkworm Mother , the beginning, she was always adhere to the fundamental interests of the people do not agree with uncompromising ; later in bribe money , she acquiesced shaken , but she also lost as the top cents status and honor of the gods . The emergence of such a person , is the life of a normal , unveiled a personality defect is small-scale peasant society, but also a proof of the complexity of human nature . The direction of this man, in the text is a spokesperson for people to play a positive energy . He was just a team leader , a communist, he deal with superiors , and the boss negotiations with those against cutting down trees , and the people pushing into the process, with a backbone of the image in the maelstrom of this contradiction . Despite the subsequent emergence of comedy hollister sale change his will to maintain and uphold remained unchanged , and the new image and the sacred tree top fairy proudly stand together in the hearts of the people . Therefore, these characters , more truly reflects the interests of their life trajectories and select a particular environment , is a human mining and show more reliable text.

A description of the actual situation and white means , within the meaning of the profound implication signifier , allegorical way of philosophy implies , is the art of the novel characteristics of the three . Tree of God and the sacred tree , although one word, it is a reflection of a different connotation and pointing . The former is based on a novel of the table of contents , the semantics of the tree tree described as ordinary medicine volley dance a spiritual realm of the virtual image of the gods , is a subject-predicate structure words ; while the latter semantics is the kind of magical or divine praise trees, is a modification structure words . The author 's real-life image of an old drug hollister sale tree , giving it extraordinary magical strange connotation , making the interpretation of the text of the novel richness and humanities induced with the story. Regardless of whether the tree tree old drug cured with extraordinary magic cure plagues , century-old trees shade tree is to protect future generations , but also a power greater than Yan Dermot good thing ah . Can I say that the tree of God , it is also a symbol of God's nature , one kind of will and desire of the people look forward to . Author's selection, small and the hand , but it is the focus of a major theme . It describes in vivid detail and exquisite reproduction of an environmental consciousness of rural people living simple picture . It is in the form of folk fable , the advice of some people for personal and group interests and the wanton destruction of environmental hazards to survive in the face of retaliation and warnings of nature, we should cherish awe wake of the policy . Thus, in the current environmental literature class, the novel is undoubtedly a very wise and precise and appropriate text. However, the description of the novel characters and character display is too broad-brush , some aspects of the background of the lack of bedding and confessed ; God tree to explain the victory of the Battle of environmental justice seemed thin and far-fetched.

Destruction and salvation hollister sale , self- destruction and redemption survival , satisfaction and spiritual materialism , the pursuit of these propositions and answers can get a lot of useful lessons from this novel.